German-Romanian Friendship Association Landshut e.V – DRFV

is a non-profit organization that aims to serve and represent the interests of the Romanian community in Landshut, organizing projects for them, helping to solve the bureaucratic problems encountered, including information on rights, institutions, legislation.

Be the change you want to see in the world!
Mahatma Ghandi

The association’s primary purpose is to integrate Romanian families into the German system. At the same time, it supports the promotion of the Romanian culture, a vast culture full of customs. DRFV provides specialized assistance and consultancy to its members, in case of need or support in completing the documents necessary for the integration or communication with different institutions. The association is based on volunteers, therefore we live by the mottos: The more volunteers, the more we can help.

We want to offer help to Romanians who feel alone and want to overcome problems, by the idea of “where there are two, the power increases”. We want to keep in mind that we, those who have learned German, or those who have lived in Germany for a long time, that we are valuable, that we can be useful and that we can bring a change in our community.

We are not professional translators, we are not lawyers, just people who want to be useful to others and who at one point had experiences similar to those of newcomers.

Our services are free, but in order to continue to exist and to be able to bring the Romanian traditions and culture, as close to our fellows, please make a donation on behalf of the association.